Computing at Westlands


At Westlands Primary, we intend to prepare our children to be confident and competent within a world that is heavily shaped by technology.

We recognise that our children, like many others, are using technology on a daily basis at home and at school therefore, within our curriculum, we aim to develop knowledge, understanding and confidence to ensure our children go through education and beyond being able to apply the computing skills they have learnt in everyday situations.

We intend for our children to develop their speaking and listening skills, within the computing curriculum, by using a range of different software where children of all ages can find, analyse and present information and further evaluate their presentations.


We aim to develop independent learners who are fluent in their understanding of computer science by teaching them how to use a range of programs where they are able to design, create and evaluate their work using specific vocabulary.

We ensure our children are taught the importance of safe internet use and ensure that in every year group, e-safety is a key focus. We promote the importance of using technology safely and respectfully.

Our aim, for our children, is for them to leave us developing their digital literacy and being able to safely use technology and develop their ideas through information and communication technology, which they will be able to apply to their further education and future career to become masters of technology in the rapidly changing digital world.


At Westlands we follow the 2014 National Curriculum and adapt and it to suit the needs of the learners. We use a variety of programmes and sources to implement our Computing Curriculum including the BGFL scheme of work, Entrust Scheme of work, Scratch and Microsoft.

For further details of this please refer to individual year group’s long term plans and information sent out by class teachers.


After the implementation of this computing curriculum, children at Westlands will be digitally literate and able to join the rest of the world on its digital platform. They will be equipped, not only with the skills and knowledge to use technology effectively and for their own benefit, but more importantly – safely.  The biggest impact we want on our children is that they understand the consequences of using the internet and that they are also aware of how to keep themselves safe online.

We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:

  • A reflection on standards achieved against the planned outcomes with our monitoring processes;
  • Pupil discussions about their learning;
  • Assessment Grids linked to key objectives.