Dear Parents/Guardians,

Reading is a skill we continue to develop throughout our lives, but starting this process as early as possible has significant benefits for our continued success as readers. This is why, as parents and carers, you play a vital role in supporting your child in becoming a fluent reader who is confidently able to apply their reading skills across all areas of their lives.

The teaching of reading and reading comprehension within the classroom is only part of a child’s learning, and the value that is given to reading at home is equally important. Research suggests that children who read regularly outside of school perform significantly better in school assessments and so your support at home is essential in ensuring that your child makes the progress they are capable of.

You can help your child to achieve their full potential by listening to them read at least three times a week (for about 15 minutes), reading regular bedtime stories and by encouraging them to enjoy reading and sharing books together. Reading widely through all of these approaches will help develop your child’s vocabulary, which in turn will make them more confident when reading more challenging books.

Giving your child a choice over what they read is an important factor in boosting their enthusiasm for reading and children are more likely to be interested in books they have selected for themselves. In Key Stage 2, children will be able to bring home a free choice book from our reading areas. We also have an amazing virtual library on our school website with lots of stories for all ages that you can listen to together. Your local library is an incredibly useful resource in providing regular reading material for your child and best of all – it’s free! We will also hold book fairs in school where you can purchase books at a discounted price and help to raise funds for new books in school.

To help us track how much reading your child is doing at home, it is important that you sign their reading record every time you have listened to them read, along with a brief comment. Your support with reading at home is essential and only by working together can we ensure your child achieves their potential as a reader. If you require any further guidance regarding reading, please ask your child’s class teacher.

Thank you for your support

Miss Maddock

English Lead

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