Butterflies in Year 4

During the second half of the Spring Term Year 4 wrote some excellent explanation texts about the life-cycle of a butterfly. They chose this topic because they wanted to learn more about the processes that the caterpillar goes through when metamorphosing into a butterfly.

Once everyone had completed their own research about butterflies, the children wrote out their information texts, making sure to use appropriate headings and sub-headings.

To check that our research was accurate we, as a class, received a set of 5 caterpillars in the hope that we would be able to observe the changes that the caterpillars go through.

After watching the caterpillars eat their way through the container of food and turn into a chrysalis we had to wait for 3 weeks for the 4 surviving caterpillars to emerge as butterflies.

The children named the butterflies John, Paul, George and Ringo after a recent class discussion about the Beetles. Unfortunately our 4th butterfly hadn’t emerged from it’s chrysalis before the May half term. however, I did manage to capture a picture of it just after it had made its appearance from it’s chrysalis.

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